For homeowners and visitors who don’t want to maintain their boats, charter boats are available. A charter boat is a vessel that can be chartered for various purposes. Bareboat or bareboat charters consist of only the boat, with the customers providing their crew and supplies, as opposed to full-service charters, which include the use of the boat along with personnel and consumables like groceries.

Full-service charters can be used for activities like a region’s dive excursions, fishing excursions, or boat tours. Visitors frequently like spending a few days at sea, especially in tropical climates, to benefit from the cool breezes and get a chance to explore the country from a different perspective. These excursions may also offer an opportunity to explore numerous islands that might not usually be visible and stop for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

When to Charter a Boat, When to Rent a Boat

Generally speaking, determining whether to charter or rent a boat relies on your itinerary, level of comfort and relaxation preferences, and length of the trip. Bareboat charter can be the best choice if you’re looking for adventure and have the skills to captain and run the boat. Chartering a yacht can be a lot of fun if you intend to go on a genuine sailing expedition for at least a week or more. It’s almost like taking a cruise because you can go wherever you want, establish your schedule, and never wait in line!

Renting a boat is preferable if you only intend to go on a short trip or excursion and spend a few hours to a few days on it.

What’s the difference between renting a boat or yacht vs. chartering one?

What is the difference between renting and chartering a boat? If you’ve lately thought about renting a boat, you’ve probably seen a variety of offers for boat rental firms and charter companies. To help you decide which is the best choice for you and your needs, let’s examine the main distinctions between chartering and renting a boat.

Renting versus chartering

Although the terms chartering and renting are frequently used interchangeably in the market today, several critical distinctions between the two activities make them two entirely different experiences.


Chartering provides an experience, whereas renting a boat only provides the boat. When you lease a boat or yacht, you usually rent it for at least one day. However, charters frequently go longer, from three days to a week or even longer, for special occasions. Yachts and other big vessels that can be chartered are often utilized for longer trips, including overnight trips.

Boat charter companies may provide a wide variety of experiences. With thousands of options, a boat charter can range from just the boat rental to having a captain, crew, and personal chef on board. You can get supplies and drinks on certain chartered boats, but others need help.


When you hire a boat or yacht, you are doing so for a considerably shorter period. Usually, boats are rented out by the hour or, at most, per day. Smaller boats, such as motorboats and powerboats, typically rented, are meant to be used only for a short period.

You must also carry your supplies, including crew, if necessary when renting a boat. You will need to bring your drinks, food, fishing gear, and other necessities for activities on the water.

So, when you rent a boat, you receive the boat. You must bring everything (and everyone) else.

Which option is the best for you?

A boat rental may be ideal if you only want to go fishing or snorkeling for an afternoon or, at most, a day, especially if you have prior sailing experience. A charter can be your best option if you want to spend more time on the water, don’t have as much experience, or want a crew to go with you.

Whatever you decide, be careful and enjoy yourself!