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Best Live Music Concert Venues In Wisconsin

Wisconsin is the place to go if you want to take in the best live music performances, with top performers both locally and internationally, in settings that exude warmth and serenity. 

This year, it is clearly a center for entertainment, and the high level of attention to detail found in the majority of Wisconsin music venues is one factor contributing to the seemingly unending number of well-known performers whose concerts and performances have adorned Wisconsin concert venues. Much of the best music 2022 had to offer was found in these spots.

Shank Hall – Milwaukee, WI 

Despite being somewhat modest, this facility manages to draw top performers. You want a chance to watch your favorite performer, then. Then you ought to go to a concert at Shank Hall; the prices for tickets are extremely reasonable. There is a parking option on the street

A magical atmosphere is created by the warm and welcoming decor. Top-notch acoustics are also present. There are seats available at the venue, and from every seat you can see the show clearly. You are made to feel at home by their consistently happy employees. You might want to arrange it before entering since there are no food concessions and a mediocre wine selection.

Barrymore Theatre – Madison, WI 

You may anticipate that the Barrymore Theatre staff will work with you to select the greatest seat for the price you desire. 

There are 971 seats available at this location. The lineups frequently include well-known performers, making the concert experience worthwhile. The acoustics are incredibly excellent, and you can hear music from all different genres. The sightlines are also excellent, giving you a clear view from any seat. You may choose between garage or street parking, and the personnel is friendly. On-site, there are reasonably priced concessions for food and beverages. That captivating experience is what the Barrymore Theatre intends to deliver. 

Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin’s Red Rock Saloon 

The Red Rock Saloon offers excellent food in addition to fantastic music. Red Rock is a well-known bar with live music every Friday night. It has locations in both Milwaukee and Madison. Local and international country music stars frequently perform at the Red Rock Saloon. 

Majestic Theatre – Madison, WI 

This 600-capacity live music arena has 2,254 comfortable seats. You may anticipate hearing music from all of your favorite artists across all genres, including hip-hop, rock, jazz, country, and rap. There are screens present, so having a clear view of the stage is not a problem from any seat in the auditorium. 

Since it was recently refurbished just prior to 2022 with new seats, better projection, and a refreshment stand, it can boast of the newest infrastructure. Furthermore, the venue is close to a ton of fantastic restaurants. Word on the street is that Dum and Dummer 2 Key Glock put on a secret show here with Young Dolph. The music has excellent sound quality, a large dance floor, and incredibly friendly service. If you don’t want to take our word for it, buy a ticket to the show and see the Majestic Theatre for yourself. 

Alpine Valley Music Theater East Troy, WI 

Between East Troy and Elkhorn is where you’ll find Alpine Valley Music Theater. Good food, beverages, and goods are offered at this wonderful outdoor theater, which was listed among Rolling Stone’s list of the “Best Amphitheaters in America.” 

High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI 

The setting is welcoming and makes for an amazing concert experience that keeps you there for a while. This 400-person theatre often showcases a variety of fantastic performances that never pause to astonish the audience. This facility has excellent acoustics, making it simple to see the stage from any location. 

There are possibilities for parking on the street and in garages, and the staff is quite inventive. You can picture yourself listening to music from many kinds, eager to dance. You might wish to take advantage of the on-site food and beverage concession. Concerts continue to be held at High Noon Saloon, and some are already scheduled for this year. 

Somerset, Wisconsin, Amphitheater 

The Midwest is home to a popular amphitheater. This music venue draws a wide variety of crowds despite being only an hour from Eau Claire and 40 minutes from the Twin Cities. They provide camping as well as meals and beverages. 

Orpheum Theater – Madison, WI 

On State Street in Madison, the Orpheum Theater is currently used for a variety of events, including concerts, private parties, weddings, and stand-up comedy. Popular acts like the Fray and Switchfoot perform at the Orpheum alongside regional music from other genres.