Boat Technology – Essential Tech for the Fishing Boat or Yacht Captain

Fishing and Sailing is one of the most exhilarating pastimes you can have, and technologies can give us knick-knacks to make life aboard-ship safer, fun, and more accessible. Humans have set sail for both business and pleasure for millennia, whether messing about on the river or hitting the high seas in competition. Here are some Essential Tech for the Fishing Boat or Yacht Captain

Inflatable solar lights

Mpowered’s inflatable lights are an elegant solution since deck lighting can be costly. A ring of bright LEDs precisely lights around the area and shines up into a disturbing and clear inflatable “bulb. These solar lights are waterproof, including solar recharge, so you never have to buy batteries. This is a lightweight, simple solution that’s a doddle to use. 

Floating VHF/GPS

With the Floating VHF/GPS, you have a built-in GPS and basic nautical abilities waypoint six-watt handheld VHF radio and functions for route navigation. Having a backup communications device aboard is always a good idea. You never know what could happen while you’re sailing.

A Fishfinder

Why do you need a fishfinder? Fishfinders transmit a sonar signal into the water, letting you know how populated the area is, how likely you are to make a catch, and where to cast. Regardless of the phone signal, it will work wherever you are because the device generates its wifi field. 

Fishing is a large part of the appeal of Sailing and boating for many. For some, the boat is just a way to get closer to the fish! It’s suitable in both salt and fresh water and has modes for fishing, including ice fishing. 

Third Reef Foul Weather Gear

You might never know the weather, so it’s always better to be prepared. With these wind-resistant and waterproof Third Reef bibs to pair with the jackets, which are 100-percent polyester, it is perfect for you!

Boaters need to be prepared for flying spray or sudden rain, and there’s no better way to outfit your boat than with this weather gear. 

Sailing Watch

A decent and competitive watch is essential when you’re out fishing. You don’t want a fancy timepiece out onto the water or take your SmartWatch. One of the most popular watches is the Optimum Time 2018 series. Both of these watches have a clear, bright display to get the information you need at a glance, not to mention that they are shock and waterproof. An extra strap is included that allows you to wear the watch outside of your waterproof.

A Solar Charger

There are various solar generators and chargers on the market, from portable smartphone chargers to huge solar sails. A cheaper and more environmentally sound solution to using a generator, helping to keep fuel costs low ( 

BlackTip Seven Piece Angler Fishing Kit

This kit contains all the fishing tools you need in a zippered storage case. Open it up, and you’ll find a fillet knife, a de-hooker, marine shears, a bait knife, a tape measure, and fishing pliers with line blades. What you’ll get with the BlackTip Seven Piece Angler Fishing Kit is what you need as an  Avid angler. A reliable tool is waiting for you inside the kit.

Portable Fuel Tank

When you need to carry fuel to the boat, Having a portable fuel tank makes that task much more manageable. It’s uniquely designed for easy and stable storage, even in tight places. Of course, it’s EPA/CARB compliant. 

Overboard Rescue System

Unlike regular throwables, this Lifesling2 can be towed to a crew member. It is more than just a floatation device with 21-pounds of buoyancy. The lifesling can even be used to hoist a member aboard; it’s a true Overboard Rescue System consisting of a horseshoe buoy/rescue sling with 125′ of polypropylene line.

Super Gard Fenders

Having fenders aboard is a must (also, be sure to read Docking a Boat: Step-by-Step Guide for pro tips for stress-free docking). These Super Gard Fenders are essential to your sailing/fishing activity. Whether you plan to protect that gleaming gel coat when you visit the fuel dock, tie up at a waterfront restaurant, or raft up with some friends. You really shouldn’t miss it out. Add it to your fishing kit now.